1995 Ford Mustang weird sound 2 weeks after cutting off muffler?


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Have you checked the tensioner pulley for movement while the engine is running. The sound is impossible to diagnose with such a short and rapidly moving clip. It could be the camshaft tensioner or a single rocker/cam follower or power steering pump or alternator or A/C clutch. I doubt the noise is related directly to the muffler removal unless you've been making a lot of redline runs that brought the problem on.


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With all due respect to you-- your best bet is to restore your car to original equipment status. It will save you grief in the future


Not beating on you, but you have to admit strange sounds after removing a muffler is at least ironic. Anyway, it sounds like the noise is from something driven by the serpentine belt. (I would like to think the apparent slow motion of the alternator is just strobe effect.) I would remove the serpentine belt (and get replacements for the belt and tensioner) and feel the various pulleys for smooth operation. If that shows up nothing, reassemble and check around the various parts with a mechanic's stethoscope (about $10 at NAPA and most auto parts stores).


You are wondering your car has a weird sound after cutting off the muffler??? Really dude??? Install a new muffler and end your misery and before you get noise tickets.


1) Cutting off the muffler is ILLEGAL dumbass. EPIC FAIL 2) Yep, it's also not good for the engine to have changed the system pressure. EPIC FAIL. 3) All you have done is increase the noise and decrease the performance. Fact. EPIC FAIL