How do I run 6 rca’s from my 5 channel car amp to one aux cord?

2- 5.5” jl audio speakers 1- 6.5” jl sub 1- tweeter All wired into the amp with speaker wire but now I wanna run rca’s from the audio out how do I connect 5 or 6 rca’s to 1 aux cord to plug into my phone ?? I’m building a portable speaker with a old ammocan everything runs off 12v and a battery charger

don r

That is the worst mess I've ever heard of that you want to do. If you're just stringing a bunch of speakers together with intention to play *into* your phone with 5 or 6 RCA cables, there is no way to do that. Wake up and stop having that nightmare.

Robert J

A 3.5mm to two RCA cable to get stereo audio from the phone. (Or a bluetooth receiver board). Then splitter cables to connect all "left" inputs to one stereo channel and all "right" inputs to the other... eg. a 3.5mm to two phono sockets / rca jacks and splitters And optionally add a bluetooth receiver to avoid plugging in to the phone itself: