Rattling in my door when the bass hits?

So I own a 2016 Dodge Charger with the Alpine Audio System. That said, when the bass hits any pitch it sounds like there is a rattle in the drivers door. So I tried to check if there was a clip out of space and did attempt to pop it back up and hit it into place. When I hit the side of the door I noticed a sound that sounded kind of like if you put a dime on a metal surface and shook it. Does anyone have an idea what that sound could be and what could the solution for the rattle be? PS. When I put on a song with no bass the speaker is clear as day, but as soon as any bass hits this starts.

don r

Open the door panel and roll some insulation around the lock rods where they touch together on anything. Wind a bit of string in the gap of the window cranks. Look at the door speakers to make sure no loose hardware is sitting on the magnets and rattling. Look down for lost coins. The window regulator may have wobbly hardware that rattles. Also, you could have a loose or blown speaker.


Remove the door panel and check for anything loose. And you might want to turn it down before your ears are destroyed, There is no cure for hearing loss and tinnitus.