Dodge Challenger 2013. Check Engine Light On. Thermostat?



READ the troubles codes with a scan tool.


If you don't know by now that there can be dozens of things that will turn on the CEL just find a mechanic! If you want to throw parts at it at least go to an auto parts store and have the codes read so you at least waste your money guessing in the right direction.

Jake No Chat

Could be, but more likely it would be a CO or oxygen sensor. Or just a simple case of not having the gas cap on well.


1000 different things can trigger that light. Replace the thermostat first, then hook up a code reader and see how much money you wasted by throwing parts at it

Bobby Jim

maybe, and maybe a dozen other things in the engine system. Have your mechanic hook up to the computer and find out what system sent the signal to turn on the light. You have perhaps a dozen or more computers in your Dodge Challenger.


Mu Challenger 2013 check engine light turned on a couple of weeks ago. I had it looked at a mechanic shop and it was diagnosed for a faulty thermostat with a code. they wouldn't tell me exactly what the problem might be but they mentioned the valve be stuck open. A couple of days ago the check engine light disappeared. Other than the weather getting cold and having the tires inflated, I didn't do anything to the thermostat. This morning the check engine light has come back again. I don't have any issue with the heating or cooling system. What may be the issue here?


Maybe it needs a thermostat?