Should I buy this car?

I’m 19 and might buy a 1987 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham. $1,600. Should I, or wait for another car to come up? this isn't my first car, nor my only car. however, I can't spend a LOT on fixing it. I got rid of my old car because it burned oil and couldn't afford that. I just don't want to waste my money. I'm looking to buy a car for around 2,000 dollars that is considerably reliable, and won't end up sold to a junkyard in 8 months for 400 dollars. what I'm saying is I don't want to throw my money down the drain thanks


I wouldn't buy an older GM unless it was a 2000 to 2003 with the 3.8 liter motor in it. My last 3 Pontiac's had over 286,000 miles on them. I paid $1000 fr my present Bonneville SSEi.


There's a high probability that this car will require a lot of your money and time keeping it running properly, especially if you drive it daily. It may need repairs and parts replacements right from the beginning. You should get a professional mechanic to check it out and tell you what kind of condition it's in and problems it has before you buy.

Pat F85

$1,600 is a fair price for a vehicle that runs & drives good, with no major issues, BUT, have this car inspected for frame rot and the condition of the fuel & brake lines. If those check out OK, consider getting it. Even though this car is 30+ years old, all the steering, brake, suspension, engine & transmission parts are still available, to keep this car rolling down the highway. The 3.8 engine is as good or better than many.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Depends. If it will be your primary car, you're either an idiot or damn well better have the money to spend on maintaining it. If it will be a prize car that will either be taken out during the summer only or held onto like a collector's car, go for it. I drive a '87 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA as my primary car and only during spring, summer, and autumn. I do have the money to take care of it and have been slowly restoring it since parts have been crapping out one at a time. Since you are only 19, I highly doubt you have the spare money to replace the parts as they go. Do not buy the car. Don't buy the car out of respect for Pontiac, a make that no longer exists and revolutionized the muscle car image. responding to the update: Don't buy the car. It will be a waste of money because it is obviously not reliable compared to cars today. It is old, obviously less fuel efficient, and WILL breakdown on you within a year, regardless of how many miles it has and its condition. My Firebird Trans Am GTA had 13,000 miles when I bought it a few years ago. After a year of driving it, first the alternator died and then a headlamp motor. The alternator dying out will likely happen to the Bonneville, which is coincidentally the same age, because its parts are old too. And finding replacement parts for Pontiacs isn't so easy nowadays. Especially for older models. If you want a suggestion, search for a 4th gen Firebird or a G6 sedan if you want a Pontiac. Since Firebirds are collector's cars and a hot interest, it is easy to find OEM parts. Otherwise, I'm sure thebax2006 will support this, buy a Mitsubishi Lancer. A reliable car that can come in a sporty form (SE or the separate model Lancer Evolution). Find a used one that is within 10 years of age. Although finding one that is in good condition and still reliable will be hard to locate if you can't spend more than $2000.


Try a durable car (Toyota?).

Robert M

The power train are like a MAYTAG! NOT reall exciting, but CVAPABLW and long lasting! The 3.8 is NOT a multivalve engien, nor is it very HIGH TECH< but it CAN last a long time! THere were THREE versions of the ENGINE BLOCK< in STAGES!..II can turn them into a RACE CAR by using modern oil and plug technology, and making a few changes! The FACTORY AC DELCO plugs are TOTAL JUNK! ALWAYS were, and STILL are! They can WELD themselves into the cylinder heads over time>>>>>> I would use a DESLDUGE and remvoe YEARS of sludge, sicne it probably had VALVOLINE and other CHEAP oils used for YEARS< that make TAR, WAX SDLUGE and even COKE dexpoits! >>> get the SUBFRAME examined and the SUSEPSNION for signs or RUST deterioration! The PRICE is right! THe car is COMFY and generally safe, unlke other GM unis for DECADES! They are VULNERAbLE to loose TIING CCHIANS over time but you would never notice it!.. I use a 50-50 mixture of GUNK ORANGE ORIGINAL engien cleanaer and AMSOILPOWER FOAM in the crankcase to remvoe YEARS of build-up in the LIFERS and RINGS! I run POWER FOAM throgu the PCV and through the THROTTLE BODY and IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE to restore things to SHOWROOM and better! I use ONLY DENSO TWIN TI IRIDIUM LASER plugs that are about $7 each>>> it's the BEST money you cqn sepnd!>> I use ONLY AMSOIL< PENNZOIL PLATINUM, or REAL EUROEPAN oil in ANY car! VALVOLNIE is NOT GOOD NOW< and never WAS any good! NO FACTROY anywehre wil USE IT! MSOt use PENNZOIL or CONOCO PHILLIPS at the factory!>>>>ANYWAYS< POWER WASH teh engien with the GUNK ORANGE as well! Remove ALL traces of baked in sludge and leaking fluids! And LEAVES< etc! Clean the space BEHIND the d=radiator! Get the DExCOOL out of there, as it WILL dissolve the INTAKE GASKETS in time, if it HASN'T already! GM was SUED for this! EVERY ENGINE they made between 96 to 2003 woudl get LEAKAGE INTAKE GASKETS as they DISSOLVE from BAD chemistry! >>>flush it ALL OUT and install TOYOTA RED coolant instead! IT IS AMDE BY pentosin THAT FURNISHES THE eureopans WITH COOLANTS THAT CAUSE zero issues FRO MOST ENGINES!.. tHE USE OF denso twint ips WILL MAKE TWENTY PER CENT more power AND economy AND PROTECT THE PRICEY converter AND exhaust FROM FAIING AS less ACIDS WILL BE MADE! .. >>>clEAN both SIDES OF THE throttle body PLATES AND PERHAPS REPLACE THE idle air control valve IF amsooilfoam SDOES NOT MAKE IT WORK BETTER! >>> rUN amsoil THROUGH THE pcv valve TO CLAEN THE PISTON TOPS, rings, AND vlave heads!..yOU CAN EVEN REPALCE THE factopry bosch INJECTORS WITH better bosch ONES TO INCREASE PWOERR AND MILEAGE AND INMPROVE THE air/fuel MIXTURE!.. i woudl buy this car< IF THE underside WAS IN GOOD SHAPE! tHEY ARE old technology PUISH ROD ENGIENS, BUT very RELIABLE! no timing belts! >> it is PROBALY the best car GM made during that decade! CURENTLY GM is beign sued for 11 BILLION DOLLARS for bad IGNTION SwI a 500,000 miel WARRANTY against leaks, and engien damages!! NOBODY can beat that! IN many ways the BUICK engine is better than a CHEVY ENGINE< which I ALSO have no use for! The TRANSMISSIONS were designed by both GM and FORD engineers. I do NOT like engines with WELDED drive plates! That is TOO CHEESY and CHEAP>> >>>Many people have had issues with the REAR BRAKES locking up! >>SO use the PARKING BRAKE to reset them!!! would ALSO replace the factory BOUNCY STRUTS with KONI or BILSTIEN units! It HAS potential! The 232 engine should make DOUBLE the displacement in POWER< so that would be 464 HP! It si NOT that efficient. BUt liek I wrote above, ti is much like a MAYTAG washer! NOT EXCITING But useful! Personally would get a good used BMW< AUDI or BENZ! 1 I paid only $4k for MY BENZ and it was AWESOME! 32 MPG and GREAT 0-60 times of 6 seconds! COMFY and LONGER lasting!.. GM engines usually only go about 100,000 miles! EUROPEAN CARS go to ONE MILLION MILES s they are TOUGHER< and the fuel metering is MORE PERFECT .. I would buy this car for THAT PRICE and have some FUN with it! or CARGURUS< you can find OLD tried and true BMW cars for YOUR price or a TICK higher! They ALSO wil get to ONE MILLION MILES with ease! The MAIN THING is the RUST on the PONTIAC that will cause issues! Check teh FRAME and SUBFRAME for damages BEFORE you buy it!>>> Use only FUEL EFFICIENT TIRES< from Yokohama,. CONTINENTAL or MICHELIN! USe CENTRIC brake pads whent he time comes! GOOD LUCK!! IT's a GOOD PRICE< for REAL! jsut a bit UNDER ENGINEERED for my taste!


No. Your first car should be something reliable with between 70,000 to 100,000 miles. You don't need a 32 year old junker.


If it’s in stable condition, has decent mileage, and doesn’t need too many costly repairs then go for it.

Johnny Uzumaki

I dont think so. Just buy deez nuts


30 plus years is too old for a car. To expect it to be reliable is asking alot.Its better to spend more in the beginning than a little then a little constantly fixing things? How is the car for rust and suspension wise? To me 30 years equals crusher time unless you want to restore it totally but you'd have to be an old bloke that got his first root in a car to want to do that.


i would buy it if you want it


1987 car for 1,600 dollars? No. That should be closer to 600 dollars, if that high, being a 1987 car. You can buy the car if you want to, but it should be closer to 600 dollars, being such an old car. That car was literally manufactured before the internet was even invented. That's how old the car is. So, 1,600 dollars for THAT car sounds too expensive. You can get newer used cars (like, manufactured since 2010) for 2,000 dollars at some places. And, this guy is selling you HIS 1987 car for 1,600. That, in itself, is a rip off. (Just from the age of the car, alone). And, it may very well be a perfectly good car.

DR + Mrs Bears face

Hi much better to buy something a lot newer as that old car will be nothing but a money pit.