Teach me about Jeep Wranlgers? πŸš™?

I don’t know anything about autos/cars whatsoever, I am completely illiterate on auto subjects. So I wanna start learning. πŸš™




They were originally developed for military use about 70 years ago. They were called general purpose vehicles (gp). The name Jeep came from the pernunciation of gp. They have since been replaced in the military by the hum-vee, but continue to be sold to consumers as the Jeep Wrangler. Jeeps are very off-road oriented and are quite modular (the doors come off, the windshield folds down, etc.). Most versions are convertable or have a hard roof that is removable. The Jeep brand is currently owned by Chrysler. The features and construction has been kept modern over the years, but the overall design has not changed.


wheels, engine, steering wheel, gear box, gas tank there is a start, figure out what they are