Which has better curb appeal? Rolls Royce Silver Seraph Rolls Royce Phantom Mercedes S560?



86 c10 4x4 gets all the curb appeal u need


Waste of time. We will not be driving or seating on any of these expensive vehicles. You can ask between a Corolla and a Civic.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There’s no single universal answer to that. But the Merc is modern car and the Silver Seraph is at least 17 year old and was not one of RR’s finer efforts. It was a short-lived model with a BMW engine which didn’t suit the car (it had a narrow power band which peaked at a ridiculous 3900rpm) and it had crappy rear legroom. At the vehicle launch journalists noted that the Ford Scorpio minicabs laid on to take them from the airport were more comfortable and had more rear legroom. Having said all that the modern contemporary RR model to the Merc S560 costs at least twice as much and is in a totally different class to the S560. Except for reliability: the BMW powerplant and transmission is as horribly unreliable as all the other BMW models. But Mercedes have transformed from being appallingly unreliable rustbuckets to being amongst the most reliable luxury cars. Not even close to Lexus atandards, but still good.