Do you totally ignore the red and white inverted triangle sign that says "YIELD"?

I drive almost 100 miles every day on the highway. I've noticed that many people ignore "Yield" and "Merge"

Been There, Done That.

There are doctors, lawyers, and drivers. Some are good, and some are not so good. That's life. No point in getting all fired up over something that will NEVER change. Do the best YOU can do and get over it.


A lot of people ignore it, but the fact of the matter is that if someone is on the highway and you hit them when you are merging, you are at fault. You had a yield sign, telling you to wait for traffic that’s already on the highway to pass. Therefore, I personally do not ignore the yield signs.


Yield signs have different rules in different jurisdictions, and those rules change over time. When I was taught to drive in California, half a century ago, the driver handbook said drivers should slow to 15 mph for a yield sign. Even then some signs were used in merging situations where slowing like that was a very bad idea. Everything is a technicality until something goes wrong.

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Rona Lachat

Totally ignore? NO Could be one of the reasons I could drive a hundred thousand miles accident free. Yield sign come in many colours. Yellow and black was normal. Red and white is also normal.


They're actually yellow - and optional due to driver discristion, and not a crime in 28 states.