In an underground parking garage do you: Pull into a parking spot Reverse park into the spot?


Jay P

It doesn't matter if the parking spot is outside, inside. or underground, I always have the nose/front pointing out. It makes it far easier and safer to exit the space.


I back into parking spots in busy lots. It is much safer to do this and pull out forward than to back out in a busy lot. Especially when you drive a large vehicle.


Depend if the spots are angled or straight. Angled=pull straight in. Straight spots= back in for easier exit.


I prefer reversing INTO the parking slot because then it's easier to get out again when it's time to leave.


I always reverse into a parking spot


Whatever makes you happy. Personally the only time I back into a spot is when I'm almost in that position already.


Most parking garages have a head-in only policy. Check the policy of the garage in question. No policy? Take your pick, but most people find it easier to head in, back out, than vice-versa.