Approximately how much will car insurance for one month cost on a Hyundai i10 for someone who’s been driving a year?

I’m thinking of buying my mums car in August when she’s due a new one, however I’ll be going to uni next October. I’d leave the car at home, and insure it only for a month at a time every time I come home. I don’t want to do online quote as have to type in details, just want an approximation for a small cheap car like this one.


There are too many variables, there is no average. You can’t just buy one month, wait a few months and buy another month. You buy it , pay by the month at a yearly price.


NO, NO, NO. Insurance companies don't want to insure you for 1 month at a time, then cancel/drop it. Now, since the car will be left at home, then many insurance companies may charge you less, since only able to drive it when at home for holidays and vacation.


Insurers won't do that. You can always phone insurers and speak to a human. It may be worth considering telematic insurance as this may suit occasional driving. Google it and phone them too.


NOBODY in the universe can answer your question with any accuracy. You will have to ask an insurance company.


More than you can afford probably.