When your car insurance drops you do to high risk, what should you do?

Is there accident forgiveness? Is there a way to get back on the same insurance company? Are you doomed to not be able to drive a car?


If you are high risk and dropped from your carrier you will need to pay for a high risk bond. It will be liability only and expensive. You will have to drive safely with no tickets or accidents for 3 years or more for the rate to drop and the chance at buying traditional insurance.


What should you do? If you want to drive, there are no options. You should buy the high risk insurance. Many insurance companies offer "high risk" insurance as an option to their normal coverage. It is more expensive and coverages are often limited.


There are companies that handle high risk, but be prepared to pay mega bucks. Start calling around.

Obi Wan Knievel

You should find a high risk insurance company. There are lots of them. You can probably guess what kind of money they charge in the high risk market.