Are projector headlights better than reflectors?

like they say its brighter and puts out a better beam pattern. so lets say an LED with reflectors vs Halogen projectors, would the halogen still be better? The look of the projector looks much better as well.


The Best Headlight systems are UNLAWFUL in the USA, due to lobbying by the great vehicle manufacturers in the U.S. Too Bright. The best available in the U.S. are the Philips Diamond X-treme Vision


As far as headlights go Halogen's are sort of the "classic" technology. They are bright, usually have a yellow tint to them, inexpensive and may only last a few years before needing to be replaced. Projector or reflector is simply a mirror\lens technology that can be used on any type of light to enhance the beam. For projectors most people would prefer Xenon headlights which work well with projector len's, have an nice bright white light, and can last 10 years. LED lights need multiple smaller LED's to get bright enough for a headlight and they tend to need reflectors. Many manufactures would use both reflectors and projector len's with their led headlights. They can last more than a decade and offer manufactures greater flexibility in creative lighting to enhance the look of the car. Otherwise it's hard to declare the "best" since with LED's they can vary so much depending on what type of LED is used and how it's used.