Brand new motorycle keeps breaking down?

I've got a literal brand new motorycle I bought from someone who it broke down on but he was leaving the country so he didn't get it fixed under warranty.. he gave me about 1300 off of the price new.. anyway he sorted the problem out temporarily so it ran for the first week of me having it, then it broke down, I changed the spark plug and everything was fine again.. then it started to splutter again how it would for the last owner... then tonight the bike just died as I pulled away from my house and I suspect the spark plug needs changing again... What's happening is the spark plug is shorting out between the electrodes then not working and changing the spark plug is only a temp fix so does anyone know what causes spark plugs to short


If the electrodes are shorting out then metal particles are getting on to them from the engine. If that's happening the engine needs a total strip-down to find out what's shaving metal particles from where. The fault could cost you vastly more to fix than the discount you obtained unless the manufacturers warranty still applies. If the warranty does not apply then it's up to a buyer to check what they're buying before they pay, so I'd suggest you fit a new spark plug and then sell the bike immediately at low cost. Don't mention the fault unless you are directly asked, but don't make any false claims about reliability either. Anyone getting the bike checked properly before purchase is also highly likely to detect the fault. Your task is to fish for those who are too greedy and gullible to make proper pre-purchase checks.


I've got a literal brand new motorycle I bought from someone who it broke down You literally got a USED motorcycle with KNOWN problems. Even without problems, you were OVERCHARGED for a used motorcycle. Signing the paperwork at the dealer knocked $1300 off the resale value.


Spark plugs don't short out unless metal particles get between the electrodes. If it's a 2 stroke motor the oil to gasoline mixture is off and fouling out the spark plugs. You could try to do a search on youtube for your motorcycles problem.


Would be nice to know your mystery motorcycle and see a picture of this "shorted" plug. It is likely the spark plugs are NOT for your motorcycle or the bike has a serious blow by problem (or running rich) and it is fouling rapidly or the the bike is running lean.


If it's literally brand new then you actually take it back to the dealer for literal warranty work


I had a similar problem until the mechanic found it had the wrong caspacitor installed, a $3 part, he replaced it and it ran fine after that