Changing headlight halogon bulbs to LEDs in the UK?

So I hate that my car has LED daytime running lights but halogen bulbs I think it looks awful. I was wondering how simple it is to change to LEDs and what kind of LEDs I would need for my car. I have an 2018 Vauxhall corsa.

don r

Leave it the way it is.

The original Peter G

Expensive, as you will need to change the whole light fittings for ones from a later LED equipped model, and will need the control module as well. Also expect problems In a couple of years when MOT is due. The testers often have problems with DIY conversions


You don't look at the front of the vehicle while driving. Pay the loan off first.


Your car is still under warranty. Leave it alone. Many drivers have FRIED their car's PCMs changing to LEDs.