If bumper pulled up when I was trying to pull a stump out of ground. does that mean I just need to loosen bracket bolts & slide it back down?

I was trying to slowly pull forward in 4wd to pull out a stump in the ground using a chain wrapped around the hitch on my trucks bumper and the chain was going over a pile of dirt in the middle and I think that caused it to pull up my bumper, where it looks bent upwards now, but if the brackets are not bent (how would they look if bent? I know stupid question right?, but really would they maybe not look bent, but they are?)...maybe I just need to loosen the bracket bolts and slide the rear bumper back down and then retighten?

Zaphod Beeblebrox

Unless that bumper has been off before my gut feeling says BENT, but try loosening it and see if it can be straightened