2009 Yamaha r6 Misfire?

I have an 09 r6. Whats happening is that on long rides, 10 miles down the road once i leave my house my bike starts to act up(seems to happen more when bike gets warm, or randomly does it) it will run on 3 cyl, sound like a v twin, get sluggish, sputters, and no power. All of this happens when its below 4k rpms. For example lets say I'm at a red light then take off in first gear it would misfire till 4k rpms then would run fine after. Also lets say I go to gas station after its misfiring and want to start it back up it won't start till the 5th try. Ive done oil change, spark plugs, and valve adjustment. This issue is still happening. Any thoughts would help. Thank You .


Your bike has a diagnostic mode. Read the manual and check the codes. It sounds like the bike has a vacuum leak.


And have you cleaned or replaced the injectors and fuel filters?


Let me have the bike