If I wear glasses will I still be able to obtain my motorcycle license?

I'm almost 17 and one of the requirements is a vision test for the license but I need to wear glasses or I can't read signs or anything. Will I still be able to get my license? Or can you not wear glasses while riding?


Yes of course, millions wear glasses for driving.

Candid Chris

Only if you bribe the DMV office staff. LOL Of course you can, my half-blind sister has been riding for 30+ yrs.


Yes, Skippy... You CAN wear glasses while riding a motorcycle.

John Alden

If your license says corrective lenses required, then you will need to wear them. Have you thought about contacts?


Of course you wear glasses. Now is the time to get the big aviator frames with the sunglass tint to look cool. Day or night. Steve McQueen like. Glasses that are big also double as a face shield, so that when bugs slam into your face you learn to keep your mouth shut. Getting a June bug in the forehead is like being SHOT. @ 70MPH. If they hit the glass they do the windshield thing and splatter. Not important until you stop someplace for eats or sex or rock &roll. Then you wipe them clean. Woe be buddy that got it on the eyeball. You can get unbreakable glass lens which are also tinted. It looks like you always wear sunglasses.


Restricted drivers license- very common restriction is glasses required, drivers license number locally ends with 01 for glasses required.


YES,I do

Who Dat?

Its actually illegal to ride a motorcycle WITHOUT wearing glasses or some other kind of eye protection, so you've got nothing to worry about. After the very basic DMV sign identification vision test Your regular drivers license will most likely have some kind of corrective lenses necessary indicator somewhere on it, in some states it may be only a single letter.


If you normally have to wear glasses, you have to wear your glasses when you take the vision test, or else you won't be able to see well enough to pass the test. Wearing glasses won't prevent you from obtaining a motorcycle license - no more than it prevents someone from obtaining a license to drive a car. Yes, you'll have to wear your glasses or contacts when you're riding your motorcycle. Your license will be coded with the restriction "Corrective Lenses Required".


Yes you can still get your license.


Don't know what the particular rules for your country/state/province are, but normally the easiest way to satisfy is to wear your glasses and a helmet with a face shield.


If you need glasses to operate a motor vehicle, that will be noted on your license and you shouldn't drive without them. You stated that you can't read signs without glasses so you should wear them. As long as you can see with glasses, no problem getting a license.

Jay P

Millions before you have obtained their motorcycle licence while wearing prescription glasses. I don't wear prescription glasses but I often wear sunglasses while riding.

Tim D

You will probably need straight armed glasses to wear them comfortably under a helmet.


You are kidding. Sure... you can be legally blind and ride a motorcycle. Fortunately you won't be a danger to yourself and others very long. But here's a tip. Modular helmets are glasses-friendly.


If you need glasses to pass the eye test it will be noted on your license that corrective lenses are required. Get stopped for speeding and not wearing glasses or contacts will result in 2 citations, plus it may impact your insurance Been wearing glasses since 12, been riding since 14.


No. Nerds aren't allowed motorbikes