Is it safe & easy to drive a motorcycle if you can’t ride a bike?

Never learned how to ride a bike as a kid but I wanna have fun with my girlfriend that’s SAFE I don’t wanna fall

Candid Chris

SAFE? Dude, been riding/racing for over 55 yrs and it's not the safest means of transportation. If you can ride bicycle you're halfway safer. Get a decent used bicycle to practice on FIRST. Than take a MSF Basic Riders Course to learn a few things about motorcycles, the BRC costs about $300 depending on your area. SECOND. leave your GF out of the picture for now, two dipsh!ts are four times more dangerous.


No way. Riding bicycles is your apprenticeship before getting a motorcycle but, even then, a powered machine will behave quite differently and can easily throw you off on gravel, mud or ice.

duck you sucker!

UR Lucky to have an Ol ' Lady who will ride with U--even on a different 'sickle. Don't try to Run before you can Walk. Get an old bicycle, practice, practice, practice in a parking lot at midnight. Take the class, a wise investment. U wont make points with her popping a wheelie first off and dropping the machine.


No, gotta ride a pony before a stallion. The same balance and reverse steering, taking off and stopping , braking applies to a bike skills just as well. I do not recommend going straight to a 15 to 100 hp machine that will be full of surprises without , at least, some safety course. Don't wanna read about U in the papers, Bro.

Rick B

Of course not.

Jay P

As the old saying goes, you must learn to walk before you can run. The basics of being able to ride a bicycle and motorcycle are the same. I highly suggest learning to ride a bicycle first. When ( not if ) you fall off a bicycle, it will hurt far less compared to a motorcycle.

Alfred W

Ever heard of traffic dyslexia? Perhaps you can not ride bicycle because you don't have talent and this handicap is not recognized by the party involved. You will have no luck trying something bigger. When practicing go on grass and after that have good clean fun with your friend riding the most efficient means of transportation. Girls want to talk.


You can have fun with your girlfriend that doesn't involve motorcycles. Wear a condom!