What's the benefit of a fuel injected bike?

My old carb'd Varadero 125 is identical in performance to my friend's Mk2 fuel-injected version, except that mine will accommodate a scottoiler.


Fuel injected engine on motorcycles as well as cars have a bit better mileage usually--and more important with today's emissions law can pass inspections for clean burning. Some of fuel injected engine vehicle are meant for the 'tightest' clean air markets but are also sold in 'dirtier' markets- a matter of lower production cost per unit in larger quantities so sell in some extra markets- especially if the market may be 'tighter' in near future. Maintainance especially oil life is often longer- lean engine mix means less blowby, less contamination of oil. .

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No flooding of carbs in turns. This is why 'sickles went to EFI. Also, easier starts, no choke. A bit better MPG and more HP. Emissions certainly better and easier to deal with, although smog on a bike is not a real concern. No check unless in a certain AZ county, anyway. I am all for emissions control IF it does not downgrade performance/MPG/make it $$ and overly complicated. EFI is the Best thing to happen to Harley since overhead valves.. Hot rodding an EFI is usually replacing a chip or an aftermarket tuner and a laptop.. Bads: A mess if it messes up. No car code reader will fit, takes a special one. My '06 FXDL; Every Thing goes thru the ECU. Headlight switch, turn signals, even speedo/tach are a digital word from bus then a D to A converter makes it an analog signal At the meter.


Theroretically the engine should be more efficient as fuel is injected into the cylinder, and not going through a carburettor


Fuel injection helps emissions and fuel economy.


His uses less fuel and is probably slightly quicker.

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Snorting is better than sucking. LOL! Both have their pluses and minises Injection has better throttle responce with higher MPG but IF you need to tune things up you need equiptment to do it properly on injected where as carbs are fairly easy to work on DIY.


Probably less maintenance needed, just change the oil, spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter.


No "tune-up" required. Just scheduled maintenance. No carb to fiddle with, more reliable.