Dam they Totaled my 08 impala with only 180k with uber small damage to the Rear Bumper ! Kbb saying its worth $3k to $4k but I still owe $5k?



They are correct, as your car is only worth around $3,850. Ask them for a check for the damage minus the deductible and keep driving it.


They can total it? They then auction the car off to auto body shops or auto salvage yards to sell it. However I believe you have first option to buy it.(but you have to make that decision BEFORE IT GOES TO AUCTION...as it is a closed auction...only open to those with repair shop businesses...not you. . Also I do not know if you buy it, or just get it back. If you get it back, then you do not receive the "totaled" money's for it. You just get it back...and dumped in your yard(in this case driven back to your house.) because at most you probably got a broken tail light lens. Hardly the "totaled" they say. (Almost, because the paint is scratched: they wrote off the car) You can contest that. Any WOMAN can fix a paint scratch. I was not conscious at the time but it was stated to me by my dad the insurance asked him if he wanted the VW Van back after I had an 80MPH head on with another car, so the front cab was totaled. My dad considered it for me as a project car (but at the time I was in a Life& Death struggle with my life...and he did not know if I would come out of it normal or a vegetable...so he let it go.(this option was given to him within the first week) I was unconscious for 2 months. My dad did not need the reminder>if I did not make it< It was bought by somebody who then cut off the damaged portion and welded on the same portion from a VW van to make it whole again. The car was then inspected and then sold to somebody. Worked perfectly fine. At the time the car was 2 years old(so basically NEW) I could have repaired it...but with head injury people, they could live or die. SO, THAT IS WHAT I BELIEVE YOU HAVE...THOSE OPTIONS & your damage would be rear bumper, gas tank and rear fenders AT MOST...so nothing major. Parts you could find and unbolt out of a Junk Yard...for cheap and still have YOUR CAR. Repaint it when YOU feel like it. It sounds like it still even legally drivable. It is VERY FAR FROM TOTALED. Some newbie did not evaluate it correctly. Get another to evaluate it. It is still your car. The repair is overinflated.


"with only 180k" Sux, man...


Guess you should have paid off the loan faster.

Jay P

A 'dam' is a structure designed to withhold water. Did you mean DAMN perhaps??? So you're upside down on the loan ( owe more than it is worth )...lots pf people are. What's your question?