Is it legal to plow the streets with your own truck?



The problem with most untrained snowplow drivers, is they don't understand where to put the snow. There becomes a legal problem when somebody damages something. Of interest: In USA: plow and snowplow In UK: plough and snowplough


Farmers often clear country lanes but not seen them in towns.


That would be a big liability problem. I would advise against it.


In many municipalities, you can be fined for doing so without permission from the government. Some governments will actually hire local plowboys as ancillary help during storms over a certain level. Your insurance company will definitely NOT cover you if your vehicle breaks down while you are plowing streets without sanction. In other words, check with your town, check with your insurance company.


i guess so


Depends on your local ordinances. Can't answer definitively without knowing location.

Jay P

Yahoo is universal but municipal, state/provincial/territory, and/or federal laws differ all over the world. No one can answer your question unless you specify where you are.


It depends on where you are. In cities it is frowned upon, in rural locations it is necessary. Be aware the plow kits for pickups are VERY hard on the front suspension.


Which streets are you asking about? What type of plough do you intend using? Many people would be upset if you broke the surface up ready to plant a crop. You will be liable for any damage caused.