Will I get a ticket for this passing this bus?

I was driving today and a bus turned on it s flashing yellow lights. I m a brand new driver and for some reason, I didn t stop. The driver in front of me didn t stop either and I got a bit confused. By the time I realized I should have stopped it was too late because I was still going 40 mph and I was already too close to the bus. The stop sign started coming out right when I passed and I got honked at. Will I get a ticket most likely?


You should be fined for extreme stupidity and putting small kids' lives in danger. What if you had hit a kid? Your life would be over as you now know it. If you are a brand new driver, you better learn to drive.


You're only REQUIRED to stop when the RED lights start flashing but I always stop as soon as they slow and turn on their yellow flashers. I witnessed a car passing when the red flashers were on and saw an 8 year old knocked clean out of his sneakers. That driver is still in prison and I hope I never witness something like that again.


Unless someone got your license plate number, probably not. Next time, you slam on those damn brakes.....or you might be looking at vehicular homicide.


You'll get a ticket if a policeman saw you pass a school bus that was stopped or preparing to stop. As it is, the bus driver probably got your license plate number, and he will turn you in to the police and you'll be fined. Being a "brand new driver" and getting "a bit confused" is no excuse. What's there to be "confused" about? You have a driver's license, so you KNOW you're supposed to stop (from either direction) when the school bus yellow lights are flashing - no matter what a car in front of you might do. In my state, passing a school bus that has stopped or is preparing to stop is punishable by a fine ranging from $500 to $1,250. If it's your 2nd offense within the past 5 years, the fine goes up to $2,000. Passing a stopped school bus is a Class A misdemeanor if the driver causes serious bodily injury to a pedestrian, a bicyclist, or anyone else. Going further, passing a stopped school bus is a state jail felony if the driver was previously convicted of causing bodily injury to another person after passing a stopped school bus.


This troll again.


If this was a school bus and they got your tag number, it is quite possible that they will file a police report.


In my State the law is it is illegal to pass when "RED" lights flash. Some School bus drivres do seem to act like there is some unwritten moral law that gives them the right to honk and yell at people who pass legally.