Yield and stop signs on one intersection. Who has the right of going firs?

one car has yield, the oncoming car has stop sign. I drive this intersection every day, and has always thought it would be yield but I see all the time that when yield intends to turn left, the stop sign car wants to go straight - yield lets him go and I am confused..


People at stop signs must stop for everyone else until it is clear to go. So a yield sign has right of way over a stop sign.


yield goes first, but I'd take it slowly ........................................



Barkley Hound

That type of intersection is not logical unless there is a stop sign for only one direction. How can you yield to a stop? Does the stop wait for the yield?


simple, stop sign has to stop, yield goes when it is safe to do so...if you are at a stop sigh, you have to wait for the yield to go thru


Relying on a theory of who gets to go first will just get you into an accident. I hope you will be comforted by "being in the right."


No sign goes first, they are clear to go into the intersection and only have to yield if they are turning left. Yield sign goes second they have to yield to anyone in the intersection, if no one is there they can proceed without stopping. The car with the stop sign always has to stop at all times, even if no traffic is in the area. If he stops and a car is coming, even if it has a yield sign the car at the stop sign still has to stay stopped.


post the crossroads please

Rona Lachat

IF you cannot figure it out then turn in your license. It is explained in your drivers manual. Share the exact location of the intersection so we can all have a look at it. STOP comes to a STOP and proceeds when safe to do so. YIELD stops if it is necessary. If across from one another Yield goes first as STOP waits until it is clear to proceed.


If a person stopped at a stop sign already and then proceeded the person coming through the yield sign has to yield. Kind of obvious if you think about it.


person who enters first