After an emergency stop, when someone has run over the tracks, does the train driver have to go off shift?


David S

Only if the train has hit the person. However even if it is a near miss if he is upset about the incident, he will be permitted to go off duty

Rona Lachat

HAVE TO? NO Do they usually get relieved of duty for the rest of the shift? YES It does matter if someone was actually hit by the train. That the train just stopped is another separate thing


He has to report the emergency immediately. While pumping his train line up to release all the brakes, he will have his trainman inspect for significant equipment damage and report that as well. Through it all the locomotive engineer usually will find a decent place to relieve his bladder before he wets his pants, if he hasn't already. There will be a decision, based on his time on duty at the time and the delay involved.


He has a little wire brush in his cab which he uses to clean the blood and guts off the wheels (this can cause slippage, which is dangerous), but he can then get back in his cab and drive on. (I'm only part joking, as that probably literally is what happens in China.)

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