Am I eligible for any kind of compensation from Honda?

This will be long, so thank you in advance for reading. I have a 2018 Honda Civic. 1 month ago, I was just driving on freeway, the air bag just popped out for no reason. I lost control of the car for couple of seconds, but I was able to calm down and pull over to the shoulder. I took the car to the dealer and they sent all the data to Honda. The result I receive is that the air bag was working properly, the reason for auto deploy is that they found a dent on the rear control arm at the bottom of the car (I have no idea what that is). My insurance paid for the repair and I only needed to pay for the deduction. However, this thing really bothers me. It is true that I don't have big financial damage, but the mental damage surely happened. It was a terrifying experience. Every time I got into my car I am as nervous as heck. I could not drive on freeway for about 2 weeks, now I am better because I have to go to work, but I only drive at the right lane because I am so scared that anything could happen.


I don't think so. The control arm must have hit something in the road because it wouldn't get dented by itself. So the airbag did what it's supposed to do: deploy when the car hits something.


Air bags will not deploy from a suspension part being hit on the bottom. Someones feeding you BS.


Check online for Honda owner web sites to see if other owners have had the problem. If enough people have had the same problem, there might be cause for a class-action lawsuit. Of course, like most other class-actions suits, the lawyers will get rich and the plaintiffs get very little.


Nope, it was your fault. You, or another driver ran over something big & bent the arm.


not likely but if the vehicle had the Takata airbags that are under recall notice for explosive deployment at odd times, extra strong inflation when needed- might have some reason to sue and then Honda has reason to make token payment first. New airbags of different design and inflation charge to replace the 'defective' Takata designs are on road now with some 'iffy' history. Need to check for other possible unintended inflations, might find a few others and potential class action lawsuit lawyer advertisements- not likely to get much in class action suit. .


why is it always about the money get over the incident now the dent on the rear control arm would not have deployed the air bag as it take a head on incident of at least 20mph to activate I would place the matter in the hands of a lawyer and have Honda manufacturing be made aware of what happened and bypass the dealer


Get over it. Nobody owes you anything.


See a $250 an hour lawyer with a $5000 retainer.


highly unlikely.


You would have to have independent confirmation that it was Honda's negligence that caused this. Other problems with air bags have resulted in class action lawsuits because a lot of people got the defective bags. If you can find evidence that other people have had this happen to them, you could take it to a lawyer and see if there's a case.


Too long, so I have to put it in the answer section. Another thing is that I have this question mark in my head that I don't believe Honda's explanation. I cannot say for other cities, but anyone of you ever drive in Los Angeles, you would know that scratching the bottom of the car could happen every single day, in and out of the parking lot, the bumps on the street, etc. Now they tell me that will trigger my air bag to explode (yes, it was an explosion). If it is true, then it only means the car has design problem. I am not a car expert, is anyone of you know if it is possible? An air bag just pop out like that? I can let it go if what they deceive me, but If they are hiding something, I don’t want them to just get away.


This is an example of what I call, "Ripped hand open on the safety device." We work with horses, and occasionally someone asks, "Don't you have a safety strap to hold the rider in the saddle?" I have taken to replying, "Are you actually suggesting that I tie a person to a horse?" We do not own any vehicles with airbags. I doubt you can get anything individually. Maybe there is a class action suit that can get you a pittance.