If u r a lyft driver and you put a "buckle up with seat belt" sign then ur passenger does not wear seat belt does passenger fr in trouble?



No, they don't. If you're a lyft driver, then the vehicle is private and not owned by a company. Its yours. And YOU have the legal responsibility to make sure that passengers are wearing seat belts.


The passenger isn't going to get in trouble just because you put up a sign. It is STILL your legal responsibility.

Common Sense

Typical state laws say that you are responsible for all passengers obeying the laws so normally the answer is yes but these laws are by states not a single federal law.


You don't move the vehicle until the passenger has fastened their seat belt. It is the law in most states.


Just say"this car doesn't move till your seatbelt is on."


you are the driver and if the law requires everybody to wear the seat belt and your passenger doesn't , you get fined as well


Passenger gets out of my car. Passenger calls someone else for their ride.


Kick the passenger out!


In New Zealand if the passenger is over 15 and does not belt up that is his problem, not the driver. If the passenger is under 15 years of age, the driver must ensure the passenger is wearing the seat belt