On a one-lane road (only 1 lane each direction), Car A is driving slow, and Car B passes and takes over Is this legal?

On a one-lane road (only 1 lane each direction), Car A is driving slow, and Car B passes and takes over Car A using the opposite direction lane. Meaning Car B went to the other lane (supposed to be opposite direction), and speeds up, passing Car A, and goes back to the lane in original direction. Is this legal?


A lot of 2 lane highways have designated NO PASSING ZONES (double yellow lines between lanes) but if passing is not restricted, then it IS legal to pass a slower vehicle IF it can be done safely.


not with a double yellow line


depends on the line markings in the center of that street............if the lines are solid yellow, then no passing is allowed; if the line on the side you are on is broken yellow, then passing is allowed; if there's 2 solid yellow lines, then no passing


Depends where you live. I'm in Australia where it's legal to overtake on road you describe UNLESS; a) there is a no overtaking sign b) there are double solid white lines in the middle of the road c) if there is a solid line and a dotted line in the middle of the road, and the solid line is nearer to the cars when in the correct lane.

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The image you provided shows a double yellow line separating the lanes for vehicles traveling in opposite directions. This is a two lane road. Car B passing car A on the left would mean the double yellow line would be crossed. Passing is illegal because of the double yellow line condition.


Maybe. When passing is permitted, there will be a broken white line painted down the middle of the road. When passing is not permitted, there will be a double yellow line painted down the middle of the road.


Not legal with 2 yellow lines on the road as in your drawing.If there is no yellow line on your side of the road it is legal to pass.

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Yes. In every state I've been in. You cannot pass on the right, but can move into on coming traffic lane to pass as long as the line in the center doesn't prohibit. Otherwise if you got behind a tractor going 30 miles you would never be allowed to pass.

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It's legal as long as the road is not divided by a double line or island.


Okay nitwit, you don't have to ask everyone in the comments section. As has been said repeatedly, that's an illegal pass with double solid yellow. They will not get into trouble unless witnessed by law enforcement. You can of course call and report it but nothing will happen


yes, as long as done safely


Safety troll strikes again.