Someone switched lanes as I was turning right?

I was at a light of a three lane, usually busy road. I’m a senior in high school and this road leads from my school to my house so I take it every day. I always turn right at the light, and where I turn right is basically located at the end of the intersection, but still in it. Today before I turned I looked for cars as usual. The two far left lanes were busy but mine was okay. One black car was coming but it was pretty far away and I knew I could speed up in time. I was about halfway in my turn and this white car came out of nowhere. I knew they switched lanes because they were not in front of the black car. They almost sidewept me and this person honked. I want to know if there was an actual accident, would I have been in the wrong if they switched lanes in the intersection? Would I have been charged if they actually hit my car?


" ... senior in high school ... I knew I could speed up in time ... this white car came out of nowhere.... " -- You are a kid with little experience, you *will* crash if you think speeding up with save you, it is *impossible* for a car to come out of nowhere -- you were not LOOKING. But, yeah, if you did crash it would have 100% legally your fault.

don r

You cannot legally turn into a street when cross traffic is close enough to pose a hazard. You were at a red light waiting to turn right and that means no matter what cross traffic does, you must wait until it's clear for you to enter the cross street. The other driver was reckless, but they had right of way over you.


You probably would have been cited for failing to yield the right of way because you were turning. Just because you failed to see the white car doesn't mean it wasn't there, no matter what lane it was in. Let that be a heads up that you are being too casual behind the wheel and not driving defensively enough. Roughly 50% of teen drivers have a major accident before they turn 20. Car crashes are also the leading cause of teenage deaths. Don't become statistic.


That's why you're not supposed to turn until ALL the lanes are clear.


I'm glad I don't live in Nowhere, it must be a horrible town with lots of cars coming out of it. The white car, for your information, came from along the road with all the other vehicles, you failed to spot it and yield to it. The idea that you can 'speed up' before approaching vehicles reach you will get you killed pretty soon, especially if you try it in front of an 18 wheeler.


Probably. When you're turning right on a red everyone else has the right of way.

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no biggie


If they "switched lanes in the intersection" then you would have been hit by the black car you think they were behind. I don't know how big you think an intersection is. Now yes you shouldn't switch lanes right before an intersection either, but it's still your fault since you failed to yield right of way. As others have said though your "I know I could speed up in time" is going to get you hit one of these days. Not saying wait until you can't possibly see traffic, just saying don't be reckless about it either.


Even if they did change lanes - how would you prove it if they hit you on the side? You word against theirs and you were in the position to yield right of way - no win for you sorry to say.


You failed to yield to the other motorist's right of way, sport. You even admitted the "white car came out of nowhere". That is no excuse.


Whether it was your fault or not the other driver would have said it was regardless. You need a dash cam for a situation like this. Also cars never come out of nowhere, be very vigilant of your surroundings and drive defensively.