Speed camera lines but no camera, will he be caught?

Last night I was in a friends car, it’s was night and he decided it’d be funny to speed! He got up to 75-80mph in what I think was a 30 zone... we saw the lines on the road and he slammed on but we saw no flashes or anything! Today we went back to the same road, went up and down 6 or 7 times and saw no camera, street was pretty bare so it’s be easy to spot! Also went onto a speed camera database online and it said there was not one there! It’s quite a new road so they could be lines from the old road but he’s panicking because he hit double the speed limit and I think the consequence is a ban/loss of license! Appreciate any help, please don’t put “ should have thought about that before speeding “ etc, just after some people opinions.

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Should of thought of that before speeding. Dont tell us how to live our lives


I don't believe 'My friend' stories. Will you be caught this time? Unfortunately not. Better luck next time.


Ban/loss of license would be a good thing. The driver is a menace on the road. Speeding is a lot stupider even than most people think - just a 12% increase in speed doubles the risk of injury from driving. This knucklehead increased the risk of an injury accident by about 244 (75 mph) -360 (80 mph) times (!!!) and was utterly clueless! Nobody should ever ride with him again even if he keeps his license. If you ride with him again you are the most foolish of all; you know how bad he is.


In the US, ALL red light camera intersections have huge signs that say "photo enforced" or something like that. If there are no signs, and no cameras, your friend is probably OK.


In my area, the cameras had a legal challenge and for a few months they were off. Maybe yours was off for some reason?


Glad to hear you are both still alive after finding it "funny" to be speeding in a 30 MPH zone. Guess what the leading cause of death is for teens and young adults in cars. It's speeding.


75 in a 30 zone? I'd never get in that guy's car again.

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Whoa - 75-80? That had to have been terrifying. Cool story bro - tell it again.


What the **** does a speed camera line look like?