What are some problems you experience with the issue of safety riding E-Scooters?

When did you last use a scooter? Was it a planned part of your day or was it spontaneous? Were you carrying anything? How often do you usually ride a scooter? Have you ever gotten into an accident, and if so how or why? Were you doing anything unsafe? Feel free to add any other safety issues you have experienced with E-Scooters!

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Up until a few years ago, I rode one short distances every weekday, except during rain. I rode it just like you're supposed to ride a bicycle and followed those rules. I never had a problem in several year's riding.


I hate them, but I never had a real reason until I walked out of a store last year. I was looking to my right, and from my left, some idiot came straight at me, and actually hit the end of my shoe. I barely felt it, but a half inch more and he would have run right over my toe. I wanted to have some words with him, but since he was on a scooter he got away.