Who has the right of way in this scenario in Michigan?

If there is a pedestrian at an intersection marked with a light that has turned to the white "walk" symbol, do they have the right of way? May cars still try and cross if they are going straight through the road and/or turning on it if the person has already started crossing? Also, if a pedestrian is hit when crossing with a "walk" signal, who is at fault? Thanks for the answers so far. I've recently taking up a walking hobby, and I've honestly been wondering if there was some law I didn't understand given how often it seems people have tried to run me over in this scenario.


Most state laws will instruct drivers to "proceed if clear," which is language giving a pedestrian in a crosswalk the right of way. Car vs pedestrian is almost surely going to be the driver's fault.


In Michigan, pedestrians always have the right of way. When the pedestrians have the walk signal, that means that oncoming traffic has the red light. In this situation, it is the driver who needs to see if there are any pedestrians crossing before they make their turn towards the pedestrian, therefor, the driver is at fault.


The pedestrian does. Having the right of way does not guarantee a successful crossing.


The pedestrian has the right of way.


The Cemetary is full of people who had the right of way. In this case, vehicles are not allowed to run into pedestrians regardless of who has the 'right of way.'