Can I run a wire from the back my ethernet patch panel to my router?

I have some patch panels in my home and want to eventually expand and streamline my network and phone lines and was wondering if it is possible to have a single cable from the router going to multiple ports on the back of the panel and then have the cables from the wall plugging into the front ports of the panel?

Tracy L

The patch panel usually supplies outlet jacks in various locations in the house - thus all the wires running into the wall! That being the case you feed the FRONT of the panel with ethernet from a switch. The switch is then connected to your router. Thus each jack in the house will then have get a pathway to the router. (You don't connect the router to the back of the panel! It goes to a switch which connects to the front of the panel.) Moving the "hot" connections on the front allows you to make the corresponding jack in whatever rooms you want a "live" internet connection. (Or even phone.)


A single cable from the router cannot server more than one Ethernet port at the same time. You need a dedicated port for each computer/device. Most common solution is to run the router Ethernet cable to a network switch, and then plug all your devices, one at a time, into a dedicated switch port.

G. Whilikers

This would be a great place to hide the modem/router. If you aren't prepared to move it, then put a switch here to add live ports from that single line. Each wall jack that you will be supplying internet to needs its own port.