How do i put a lock out on my wifi.?



connect and Ethernet cable to the router, find the login details at the back of the router and then go to security and there should be password options

Laurence I

your router has a MAC address filter table. add pc's to it then apply a filter. the filter usually offers two ways, either any listed pc is prevented from using the wifi, or ONLY the listed pc's are allowed to connect to wifi. Your router wifi menu should have a Connected Stations list showing what pc's/devices are currently connected which shows you their MAC address. all LAN cards have a unique MAC address.


Change the passwords, alter the SSIDs, and stop broadcasting them so they'll be available but invisible. Altering the SSIDs is advisable in case people wrote them down along with the passwords. Later, choose to connect to another network or an invisible network when your SSID is invisible, and use the new information.

you mean a password? you have to login to the router. but most come with a password already assigned.


Change the password. Then shut down your modem and router. Anyone on it will be bumped off. When they try to get back on - no deal, because they do not know the new password. Simple.