I can t access internet. It shows IPv4 : Internet and for IPv6 : No Internet access. Complete details given below.?

Hi. I m a university student. I m currently living in a hostel. There are 3 floors of this hostel and I m living on the 3rd floor. All the floors are connected to different boosters and boosters are connected with the main linksys router via LAN cable. Here the hostel owner has enabled DHCP filtering on and he has already entered by mac address and enabled it for internet. I have been assigned an IP address of but now the issue is my internet isn t working. In wifi status window I m getting IPv6 connectivity as No internet access but IPv4 connectivity shows : Internet. And now when im trying to access the linksys router from third floor using the linksys router ip it always says request timmed out. In have done a tracert on cmd using ip of linksys(main router) but it says request timmed out for 12 tries and on the 13th try it accesses the ip. As shown below. 13 * 16ms 1ms And for all other except the 13th try it says request timed out. Amd when I perform ping then out of 4 packets sent only 1 received and 3 lost. This all started when the hostel owner switched the booster of my floor with the booster of 2nd floor. And whenever I perform Troubleshoot problems on wifi, nothing come up. Kindly, help me with this. I have almost tried everything. I don t know what the problem is.


You need to contact the owner, this isn't something you can fix.

David E

Not only do you need to contact owner, the owner needs to swap out the toys designed for a home with low end commercial. They work much better for this situation. Cost more but how much is the owners time worth?


You left out the part where you mention WHY the owner switched equipment on floors 2 & 3? Also, has anyone power-cycled the "booster" on the 3rd floor, yet? I'd also ask a few 3rd-floor residents if they're having access problems, too. Then it's time to visit the owner and ask him to fix things.