I need help with my Nighthawk R7000.?

I have fiber Internet with speeds up to 1 Gig. Using my Nighthawk R7000 wirelessly, I get 2 ms ping, 1 ms jitter, 339.8 Mbps download and 379.3 upload. However, when I connect my laptop using ethernet cable with a Trendnet USB3.0 Gigabit adapter to the Nighthawk, I get speeds of around thirty Mbps. My HP has a Core i7m 8th gen. Thanks for your help.

Tracy L

Have you loaded the drivers correctly? If not, or course it may not work properly! There are several help items on You Tube.. just search for Trendnet USB3.0 Gigabit adapter. USB Adapters are not the best method of having ethernet..built in network cards normally are best.


What speed is your USB port? If it is USB 2.0, that may explain it. Regardless, USB adapters, even on USB 3.0 are never (well, seldom), as fast as a dedicated wifi adapter or built in Ethernet adapter. You are probably being limited by the USB port..... A lot of USB/Ethernet adapters, even though they specify "USB 3.0" compatible, actually run at USB 2.0 speeds or less...

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