Is the 2018 MacBook Air 128 GB efficient for me for college? Read description please!?

I do not do any editing or use iMovie that much at all. I also don’t plan to add my pictures from my phone on my Mac but only my music. I am not majoring in computer achieve; I will be a agriculture economics major. Also, I previously have been using a 10 GB chrome book for the past four years during high school and have only used 6 GB on it. Does this seem like a wise choice? I really didn’t want to spend the extra hundreds for the 256 if I didn’t have to.


Realistically when you buy such an expensive computer you want to make sure it will last awhile and into the future as you develop new habits. Most college kids I know could easily max that out with their music library, so unless you plan on using only steaming services I would consider at least 256gb


Is there a reason you NEED to have a Mac? If you're concerned about how much it costs going from 128GB to 256GB of storage then you should probably consider getting a comparably specced Windows laptop. Unless there are parts of your course which specifically require macOS then you're best not paying a premium for a school laptop.