520 Watt power supply enough for rtx 2060?

Online everyone seems to think 500W would be enough for a rtx 2060, but a small minority insists I get a 650-700 Watt power supply. When I use a calculator, my computer build + a rtx 2060 always says: recommended PSU wattage 450 Watts. Nvidia recommends 450W as well. Is my 520W 80+ bronze Seasonic PSU enough for a RTX 2060? Edit: PSU is M12ii CPU is i5 8600K, and the rtx 2060 is overclocked (1710 MHZ)


Stated wattage is never enough information because of many missing parameters about it. Peak or continuous power, and if continuous at what temperature power distribution at voltages PCIe connectors stability of the voltage under load independent tested verification to meet stated specs more, but you get the idea. RTX 2060 is generally a 160 watt maximum draw card at 12V CPU allowance 100W Fans and motors 40 watts 300W@12V maximum draw. 80% load maximum target 375 watts@12V 31.25A@12V minimum 80 watts allowance for 3.3 and 5V 380W maximum wattage draw 80% max load 475W minimum power supply desired Power supply should be 375W@12V and 475W total continuous as minimum targets Seasonic 520W is likely as SeaSonic M12II or S12II Seasonic manufactures it themselves. The S12ii SS-520GB is 40A@12V and is 2x6+2 in single rail 520W at 40C continuous and 480W at 12V is sufficient M12ii is a semi-modular split rail 20A/20A in old version or single rail 40A in new version. The M12ii is adequate if using the correct 6+2 Pin PCIe power to recombine the rails in the old version, or is good in new version. A review of the old design actually showed the rails combined and was actually single 40A rail also. Your power supply is adequate. When they say 450W, it is with high load, which is acceptable, but better to be a bit higher. 6+2 is 6 pin or 8 pin. The 6 and 2 slide side by side to make an 8 pin


If you don't plan to overclock and your CPU doesn't have a really high TDP, it will work. If you are going to overclock or if you have an AMD FX/Threadripper or Intel X99/X299 CPU, then you should probably get a 650W PSU.