I have this old pin drive, it's become corrupted over time. Is there anything I can do to revive it and get the files off of it?

@MIKE ah, that I did. Thanks for pointing that out.


clean the outside metal, make sure theres no blockage/interference from built up dust or rust. Make sure the metal isnt bent and that it locks in once inserted. Thats about all you can do. good luck i think you meant pen drive

L. E. Gant

If you have the pin, it should still work.... But most USB drives, when they get corrupted, they have already failed.


@L.E. Gant it's a usb flash drive, there is no pin, it's not encrypted. here the message I receive


Plug it into the USB slot and format it. That will make the space on it available for new data/files. However, it you want to erase it then you'll have to do a full wipe of it. CCleaner has a disk wiper in the TOOLS section. Just when you select to run it make sure you specify the correct drive because once it starts that drive will be hosed.