Is it worth it?(gaming desktop)?

so i want to buy RX 570 and Ryzen 5 1600 instead of GTX 1050 and pentium G4560 but the price is like 200$ higher is it worth it?what about ryzen 3 2200g?


You should state your country. RX 570 means it should also have a better power supply, and you have not stated anything about motherboard. It is not worth RX 570 R5 1600 is a $300 combination and G4560 with GTX 1050 is $220, and with power supply difference it is a $100 spread. Often there is about a 20% government tax gets to $120 and there could be other differences. A Ryzen 3 2200G prices like the Pentium but gaming performance is a little higher and non-gaming is much stronger. It needs a graphics card since the internal included graphics is not very strong. I think this was Iran and part prices and choices are more difficult. Is there a store lin with web prices?