Should I call and admit to Amazon Return fraud?

My younger brother did a dirty trick on me. Basically, he wanted me to buy him a WD Hard Drive for him on Amazon with my credit card and he gave me the cash, so I did it. This was 5 months ago. And last week he wanted me to buy him another WD Hard Drive with my card and he would give me the cash, so I brought him another one. And 2 days ago he said it came broken so he returned it and I got my money back in my card, so I gave him the money back in cash Well, I found out that the hard drive he returned 2 days ago, was actually the hard drive he brought 5 months ago. Basically, he dropped his original hard drive, decided to have me order another hard drive of the same brand, so he could secretly return it with the broken hard drive that he got 5 months ago, and keep the new one. A switch. Basically, the hard drives just have stickers, so he switched the stickers and made it looks flawless. So on the outside, the hard drive he returned looks the same. I'm a little afraid I'm going to get in trouble, IDK if I should call and be honest with them, or let it go, or idk if I could get in trouble for stealing or fraud. Is there any way they could tell the hard drive my brother return was switched? Are there serial numbers or something in the inside that's unique to each one of the same model? This is the hard drive he got. Anyways what should I do?


A 5 month old HD would still be under warranty there was no need to lie about it, it could've still been returned for a replacement.


i'm sure they could find out if they investigate but chances are they will just bin it. i like your urge to be honest but i would wait and see. if amazon does complain drop your brother in it,say you were not aware and offer to pay for it. more importantly don't trust your brother so much.


The manufacturer can easily tell if the serial numbers don't match. It may take time, but there's a good chance they'll inform Amazon. What Amazon does at that point is up to them - they have your credit card number so they're likely to just charge you for the original purchase amount and then ban you.


Honesty is the best policy. Now kick brother's butt and do not front for him in anymore purchases


nnaybe you should tell your parents about it and let thenn deal with it