How do I convince my friends to delete a YouTube channel we have together?

Okay so a few months ago my friends were like “let’s make a YouTube channel” and I was hesitant. But because I wanted to keep these new friends I complied. I do all the editing and posting and am only in some of the videos. We enjoy watching the videos, but they curse and make innuendos and I don’t want future employers or others to see this of my past, even though it’s not me, I’m associated and I’m paranoid. I’d rather take the videos down now than regret it in the future. The only problem is my friends don’t know I feel this way, and they all love the channel and want it to grow. Please help.


The best thing to do in your situation (in my opinion) is to try and get them to understand that it is very important what you put on the internet. They should be concerned about this too! Even if you may not show up in many of the videos, it still might look bad that you have your name on "inappropriate" material on the internet. One way you might be able to convince them after you tell them how you feel is by bringing up your views and subscribers. You may want to say something along the lines of "Well, nobody watches our stuff so why is it even up? Can't we just have these videos privated or not uploaded at all?", Assuming you are not very big yet. I hope all goes well!


Just tell them straight up. Don’t beat around the bush.