I might need a feeding tube and Im very scared...?

is there any way I can make this easier on me and be less scared? any tips or advice? I've heard its painful, which is why im so scared. Any advice is appreciated!


I'm assuming it's a nasal feeding tube. Been there, done that !!! It makes everybody anxious, worried, and a bit scared of it but it's really not all that bad. if it's a nasal tube, they lubricate the tube to make it go in easy. Then when you and they are all ready to go, they'll probably give you a glass of water and have you guzzle it down. While you are guzzling and swallowing they'll slide the tube into place in your stomach. Here's why they do it like that. When you are guzzling the water your vocal chords open to allow the passage of the water into your stomach. While they are open is when they effortlessly get the tube past your vocal chords without any real irritation to them. You're just like everyone else with the anxiety and nervousness but be assured when it's over you'll say what a piece of cake that was. They'll help you through the process so try not to get yourself in a big tizzy over it ... What a piece of cake! You'll remember I told you that once it's in. Be well, and I hope this helps some.


May you be painless. Listen to this often. You won't understand but it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnKIX5QMghg