Could you give me an overview of the format war between .avi, .mov, and .mp4?



The war between them arises because they are file types promoted by different organisations. .avi was developed by Microsoft. .mov was developed by Apple. .mp4 was developed by the Moving Pictures Experts Group. As well as having different origins, there are various licensing issues associated with the different file formats that have limited the adoption of rival formats by different organisations. There are many other audio/video file formats as well as the three you mention. Microsoft used licensing of the codecs (the modules that encode and decode the files so they can be captured or viewed) as one of the reasons why Windows Media Center was dropped when they went from Windows 8.1 to 10. They also claimed that fewer people were using WMC to watch DVDs and so it was no longer really needed. I hope this helps.


.mp4 is audio .mov should be a movie clip .avi should also be a movie clip, just a different “name/tag/form” If you are uploading a movie clip and it’s coming out as an audio, you have to download a software to convert it into your clip. Same with .avi I would very recommend “Cloud Convert”