I am told10 of my drivers are outdated. I thought I could update for free.?

Is that so?


Don't update drivers (excluding such as for video card or printer) that you get from any source except the computer manufacturer. The computer manufacturers usually tweak a generic driver specifically for your computer. You can find a driver with a more recent date than yours, but it might not be meant for your PC. Get drivers for peripherals directly from the manufacturer of that equipment. Unless you are having problems or a newer driver offers features that you want, except for peripheral equipment, do not update them except if the manufacturer of your PC recommends it.


It is a scam. You DO NOT need to update Drivers, unless they don't work correctly. If a device is not working correctly then go to the Manufactures web site and down load the correct driver. NEVER pay for a Driver, they are FREE.

Master Of Puppets

Yes.. you can update your drivers for free. If someone/something is telling you that you have to pay, then it is a scam. You download the latest driers for your hardware from your manufacturer of your device/computer.


That is bogus. They are trying to sell you something to manage driver downloads but all you usually get is malware when you do that.

Andy T

That's suspiciously scammy. Yes updating a driver is free but I would certainly not do it via any suspicious means. Chances are for a typical computer user only 1 or 2 were critical enough to merit monitoring for updates. While others should go "If it ain't broke..." adage.


I do, i get free updates from maker of software or hardware