Would it be possible to connect a Nintendo game console to a computer in the following manner? Could this be used by hackers to make illegal?

To my knowledge there are adapters that let you convert an HDMI outlet to an AV outlet, so by this logic it seems that you could get one where the male/connecting end connects to the AV port on an older game system (EG. Game Cube or anything produced before it). You could then use either the female end of the adapter or a separate HDMI cord to connect to a computer via HDMI. I don't know if all computers or laptops have this option, but a lot of newer ones do, and there are probably also separate adapters that make it possible on other computers. From there you would turn on both the game system and the TV, and by using the correct input selection on the TV I would assume that you would have a working connection. Does anyone believe that this could actually work? I'm not in a position to try it myself because I don't have the right adapters and can't really afford to spend money on a gamble, and I also don't have any idea how this would look on a computer screen if it actually did work. But it certainly seems to me that this would be an ideal way for hackers to steal code from games, rewrite the game(s) in their respective program, and/or make and sell illegal copies of games. I mentioned the use of older Nintendo systems because they are easier to replicate, but it could just as easily be done with systems such as Wii U and even possibly the Switch if the right adapter was being used.

Andy T

Do you even have any understanding of what is what? It's only the display hardware and you somehow connect them to codes and programming, I don't even understand how your understanding can go so far out to nonsensical position.


Do you even know what you're talking about?


AV and HDMI carry video and audio only. They would carry the information need for a hacker to take control of our computer. They can not use the AV connection as a game control. While a set up like this might let them see what you are doing on the screen, that would be all they could do. And they would have to be with 50 feet of you doing it, since that is the limit of an HDMI cable. They would have be sitting in your house to do this hack. Also the HDMI port on a laptop or a computer is only designed to send a signal OUT of the laptop. You can not send a signal IN to an HDMI port. That is why you can not hook up a laptop to use as a monitor for your PC. And the AV port of a game system only send a signal OUT. You could not send anything into the game console via the AV/HDMI port. So no, you idea would not working as a way to hack into a game console and take control of it.


All that goes over HDMI or other connections is the video and/or audio signal. Not the game's code itself.

John R