5 STARS AND BEST ANSWER !! Help me with algorithm work and programming in python !!?

Using a ".txt" file taken from the Internet containing a time series (series of values ​​or points of a curves recorded at the time logo), construct the graph of this series using the Python 'matplotlib' library. THE temporal series may consist of seismological / geological, mathematical, physical, chemical, climatic, biomedical, financial and stock exchange, among others. Note: The Internet address must be indicated from where the time series was withdrawn.


No matter what language you're using, you're best off to write out in single lines what you're attempting to do. That then becomes the comments of your code. That said, these links may help you out a bit: https://matplotlib.org/examples/pylab_examples/simple_plot.html https://matplotlib.org/tutorials/introductory/sample_plots.html