Does anyone have/know how to make the coding for "Hiveswap Frienship Simulator"?

I'd like to make a game with a similar menu (that you choose your path after the start button), but I don't have a clue on how to make it yet. Does anyone have the coding of it or knows how to get that effect? I don't want to steal someone else's coding, but I'm not sure how to modify the menu like that and I'd like some insight to come up with my own solution. Even if it's not the coding from the game but you know how it could be done, it's really appreciated!

Peter H

Sorry, it's not going to happen instantly. First choose your programming language, then learn it, then write programs. It's the learning that takes the time. Even if we gave you some code, you would still have to learn to understand it, in order to be able to modify it