How do you deal with frustrations?



IDEALLY I first evaluate whether I'm at fault or the thing causing me to be frustrated is at fault. 1. If the thing causing me to be frustrated is me, I let it sit and I consider it for a while, trying to figure out why it frustrates me so... and hopefully end up understanding whether or not I should be frustrated by whatever. I adjust accordingly if I can... either way, who gives a ****? I just keep living. 2. If the thing causing me to be frustrated is identified as something external, I can confront it in order to eliminate it, or just ******* ignore it. Which one is an option depends on the circumstances. We humans are emotional animals. Emotion is always rational. It's a learned reaction. That doesn't mean it's the best reaction for resolving a given situation... but it is at least rational. Understanding the emotional response is the key to cognitively being able to deal with a situation. All that said: I deal with it like most people. I do the best I can. I apologize if I need to... and sometimes I apologize when I shouldn't. I defend myself when I need to... and sometimes I defend myself when I'm not really being attacked. I do the best I can... and I try to learn from my experiences whether I fail or succeed.


Retry 10,000 times. If still frustrated, lower expectations and then retry. Never give up!

Saints Hasenhüttl

Changing your clothes twice a day and be less thinker

Jay R

By changing my expectations.