If I load the word 0x586978 in register 8 (MIPS)..?

Why does lbu 0($8), 1($8), and 2($8) not load 78, 69, and 58 respectively, it is loading the bits


Because that isn't what the lbu instruction does. LBU <r1>, <offset>(<r2>) This loads a byte from memory into the lowest (rightmost) 8 bits of the destination register <r1> and sets the remaining bits in <r1> to zeros. The address of the byte in memory is the contents of <r2> plus the value of the <offset>. Get used to this notation if you're going to be using assembly languages. It's very common for either () parentheses or [] brackets to be used around a register to indicate "indirect addressing". That means the register doesn't have the value that the instruction will use, but rather has the memory address of the value.