How do I get rid of the 9.9 Gb of Junk Files AVG says is causing my Puter to freeze and super slow page loads Am running Windows7 Ultimate?



Download and run the Free CCleaner product. It will clear out a lot of junk files. AVG is just trying to sell you add-ons by claiming you have junk files. News is, all computers have some level of junk files, nothing new. When running it, uncheck things you may want to keep, like stored passwords in your browsers and cookies


Switch to Avast.


Go to My PC, right click on the C drive Click properties Click general tab Click disk clean up follow the prompts

Richard: First step

First step: Right click on the drive in Explorer, select Properties and click on Disk Clean-up. At the end of the first pass, check for a button to clean system files as well. If its there click that. After the second pass it will indicate how much it can save for different areas of the system. Select the ones to clean (I normally go for the lot) then click OK and then confirm. Wait for it to finish. After that, follow Adrian's answer if you need to clean even more.